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viernes, 16 de febrero de 2018


Georgia Fagg is the Language and Culture Assistant in CEIP Virgen del Rocío this eighth year. She is 20 years-old and she is from London, England. She is our third LA from United Kingdom and students and teachers are so glad learning from her.

If you want to know more from her, you can watch her introduction video or read the following interview made by our pre-school English teacher Mar Oliver.

We are in the English classroom, at CEIP Virgen del Rocío´s preschool building. We meet Georgia, our conversation assistant for this course. Today, we are alone in class, so it's a perfect day to know more about her. 
  • M : How did you come across this assistantship project?
  • G: basically, it was really simple. All I had to do was apply to an organization called British Council which sends native English speakers abroad to teach in schools. So, I applied and it was luck of the draw, which meant I could have been placed anywhere in Spain but luckily I got placed in Pilas.
  • M: Why did you choose Andalucía?
  • G: I had been warned about not understanding the accent here but the weather and the culture of this region was really appealing to me. Now that I am here, the accent is not as hard to understand as I thought.
  • M: You are very young. Are you afraid of being so far from your family?
  • G: After being at Leeds University for two years I have gotten used to living away from home and living in Spain is not that different, apart from the weather. I like the independence of living away from home too, even though I do miss my family at times.
  • M: What do you like most about this school?
  • G: It's hard to specify just one thing because there´s so much to enjoy here. Firstly, the team I work with have all been so welcoming and they´ve really helped me feel at home here. And secondly, the children are always so excited and well behaved, and it's really a pleasure to have met everyone here.
  • M: Have you thought about being a teacher in the future?
  • G: I never thought that I wanted to teach until I arrived here. I had no idea what to expect but after being here for half a year I´m starting to consider it as a career option.
  • M: To finish the interview, I would like to ask you what have been your worst and your best day at school.
  • G: I would have to say my best days are when I have prepared a lesson or activity for the day that go really well. It makes me feel accomplished when my colleagues say they like the work I'm doing. I´m struggling to think of my worst day, maybe it hasn't happened yet, but overall my days at school are really enjoyable.
  • M: Have you got something more to tell us before you go?
  • G: Just a huge thank you to everyone at the school who are making my time here so great!
  • M: Thanks for everything, hope you continue having fun and that you take something good from this experience. Goodbye!
  • G: Thanks very much, goodbye!