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jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2016

The body systems

Do we know our body?
Our students from 3rd and 4th grade have worked about the body systems in groups. They had to learn a summary by heart, distribute roles and asign a part of the topic. After making a craft with different materials, they explained it aloud in front of the class and being recorded. It was a hard work but it was worth it!
Here you are some pictures, but if you want to enjoy them, click here to watch the final video.
Congratulations to all of them and to their teachers Clara and Pepe Pascual.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016

Photo Contest 2016

Hello everyone!
Our 6th graders have participated in the "Photo Contest 2016", made at the Science class. They had to take a picture about the topic of living things and ecosystems. Once all the photographs were handed in, both pupils and teachers voted on Tuesday to choose the winners for each class. They are: Adrián Fuentes (6ºA), Diego Naranjo (6ºB) and María de la Cuesta (6ºC).
You can see the pictures below.
Thank you EVERYONE for your hard work! Well Done!
Teacher María.